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2nd November, 2022

How to Practice Kundalini Meditation: 10 Kriyas to Try and Their Benefits

ContentKundalini Yoga MeditationWhat is the purpose of Kundalini yoga?Origin of Kundalini Meditation#9 Self-Care Breath KriyaDo I have to wait to get started with Kundalini Meditation?Sit or Lie Down ComfortablyYou will Live Mindfully In its early stages, Kundalini was a private philosophy. Only students who had spent years studying meditation and...

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2nd March, 2022

12 Best Supplements for Alcohol Recovery

This medication is approved for alcoholic treatment in the U.S since June 2004. Iboga is an African herb which reduces the cravings for substances such as alcohol. It has been used to combat not only alcohol addiction, but also cocaine and heroin abuse. Iboga is especially effective because it...

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17th November, 2021

The Truth About Dopamine After Alcohol Addiction Recovery

As mentioned above, it has been hypothesized that the chronic intake of alcohol induces a dopamine deficit state in the brain reward system and that this dysfunction may drive craving and relapse to drinking [101, 18, 19]. In outbred rodents, however, the effects on the mesolimbic dopamine system following chronic...

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